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As a little girl, Virginie Morobé donned her school’s drab, grey uniform without thinking twice about it. It was the blandness of the shoes that hit her where it hurt. For years, shoe shopping sprees ended in tears, as every immaculately-placed flower, print, or applique on a forbidden shoe made her swoon. Years later, she found the ultimate redemption: she launched her own high-end shoe label. 

Based in Antwerp, Belgium's fashion capital, MOROBÉ is nothing less than an exuberant celebration of Virginie's passion for shoes, craftsmanship, and exquisite design. Don't expect a simple sneaker to carry her signature, though. MOROBÉ is all about contemporary elegance and powerful femininity, merging the purism of the old Italian masters with today's brazenness and technological advances. 

Virginie's creative process is a direct manifestation of her personal development and growth. "While designing, I remain very aware of my inner self. My gut instinct is my North Star. I know that this is what I was born to do; it's both my purpose and my play.”